Believe in the Flowers.

Carol of the Zombie Jesus!

Today we're watching our friend Esther's daughter, Bailee. She's a sweetheart, and the difference in understanding and speech patterns between she and Gabe are amazing - it's obvious that while he's a year younger, a bit taller, and a good five or six pounds heavier, she is older than he is and understands things he doesn't. She follows relatively complex instructions, she has thoughts and opinions she can voice, she can voice her possessiveness, and she understands nap/quiet time - whereas with Gabe we fought kicking and screaming (he was, at least) for almost an hour to get him just to lay down. Orajel and Motrin were, I think, our only saving graces, and despite both having had lunch and a trip to the store and clean behinds, Gabe was inarguably less willing to comply. Miss Bailee, on the other hand, is still playing quietly in Gabe's room, with the light off and the shades drawn, and the door half-closed. She's sitting on his bed, behaving, having a grand old time with his toys, enjoying herself and aware that she has every right and ability to leave the room once she decides she's done playing and being quiet. I can only hope this quiet time that she's willingly taking happens to last long enough that The Kid gets a decent amount of sleep, since Esther won't be back for another two hours, and Gabe may well sleep that long without complaint. Of course, I naturally don't expect Bailee to hang out that long in a room that isn't her's, especially without company, so I'm worrying to myself about what I'm going to do to keep her fully entertained but still keep her quiet.

I was going to nap with The Kid, originally, but Husband kept falling asleep with him and snoring. So now I'm up again, headachy and unable to focus my eyes on things, grouchy and absolutely exhausted, but awake because it for some reason seems wrong to me for us both to be napping while we're watching someone else's child, and said child is up and functioning, albiet quietly in another room. I was really, seriously looking forward to this nap and quiet time - something I won't get tomorrow, since Husband works all day and I can only assume the same situation will happen. Bailee will have quiet time in Gabe's room and The Kid will sleep on our bed as usual. And I will not get to nap, because I will be the only adult here. I will also probably be clincally insane by that point.

Does anyone know how much you get for an unborn baby on the black market?

In somewhat lighter news, all of this housing fiasco crap is coming to an end - we have the house we were originally looking at and will be paying way too much for, and will hopefully start moving next month. It will suck on entirely new levels, but at least we know now that we'll have someplace to live. That's really all that matters.