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Carol of the Zombie Jesus!

This is probably going to be a short post, which I apologize for. However, things around here have been interesting ...

First, Internet, we can officially say it out loud: Kid #2 will be here in July 2009. The families know, so it's okay to tell everybody else. So there you go, Internet - we're having another baby. Merry Christmas and happy new year.

Secondly, the dear husband has been in an awful mood for two days now and while I typically consider myself a rather tolerant individual, I am very close to tearing my hair out. He is existing in a little pit of self-defeat and frustration, one that he refuses to try to get out of, so for now I'm doing my best to pretend that this is obviously an "okay" way to act and be. Meanwhile my helpful suggestions for ending this moodswing have gotten me nowhere, although I think at one point he may have grunted at me in reponse to something I said. I suppose I should consider that "progress" and put on a smile.


Wow! Congratulations! *virtual hug* As for the husband, I recommend increasing the frequency with which you beat him. :-D

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! that is awesome.

My own theory:
men get moody when they are afraid. usually a good meal, backrub and some pity sex make them right as rain.

Happy New Year!

Pshaw. Backrubs and pity sex. BEATINGS!!!