Believe in the Flowers.

Carol of the Zombie Jesus!

The last couple of weeks have been rough, which is why I haven't posted much. By "rough" I don't mean that at the end of the day we come back here a little smelly and a little sweaty after a decent day's work, get into bed, and heave a pleasant sigh that says that hey, we've done a good job and get a pat on the back and have probably accomplished something worthwhile today. By "rough" I mean that when we come back here to my mother's house, we grunt and groan and blow up the air mattress for the fortieth time and hate every minute of it. We return aching and exhausted to the point of hallucinating. We are dehydrated and stressed to the point of becoming ill in the many strange ways that stress can make us sick. We have been cleaning my mother's house and caring for it, taking care of ourselves and each other. I have started a job, Colin has been going on with his, and of course we've been caring for Gabe on top of that too. We've been cleaning at the old place and the new, packing, moving, unpacking, dealing with technicalities, paying rent, worrying over things large and small. We have been sorting for trash, keep, and give-away, either by yardsale or charity, depending on the item. We have been driving ourselves to the point of near-death day in and day out for a while now, and amidst it all have dealt with my mother's overwhelming .. Personality .. And have been attempting to keep up with some semblance of a personal life.

So saying that things have been "rough" recently does not begin to describe what has truly been going on behind the scenes. Add, on top of all that, my attempts at getting my business up and running, and for the most part you have a cast of utter failures in the play of life. It's great fun.

We're not quite there yet, but we're a huge step closer than we have been for a while now. It's difficult work to force yourself to keep going in 100F heat (not to mention the humidity) with no decent breeze, and it has been leaving Colin in the throes of heat exhaustion. I think I'm only half-surprised that I'm not yet there myself. Our mornings start early and our days always end late, without fail. It's worth it - always worth it - but it's tough to keep reminding ourselves of that when it seems like we have so little to show for it. The intention of tomorrow is more hard work, another long day, but with any luck tomorrow we will be done, or nearly so. There are several big items that simply can't come over in our poor, abused little Kobold (I know it's a Cobalt, but it's a long story) or in Glen, Aaron's land yacht. They're things that only a truck can help us with, which means that we're at the mercy of Jess and Shell until we decide to find someone else to cart our shit a few blocks.

The worst part is, after all this, I had a relatively funny post going in my head. It was amusing, it was lovely, and it was the whole reason I started typing in the first place - but like most of my brilliant ideas, I didn't get it down fast enough, so my brain has shoved it aside in place of a much better idea. Or, rather, two of them: SHOWER and SLEEP.

So here's to whatever tomorrow brings, which will hopefully NOT be an angry ex-landlord or a new landlord finding out that, um, we sort of have cats in our basement. Even though we agreed to not have even one cat until we found out whether or not our pet-agreement-thing had been accepted sometime in August. And most of all, here's to leaving a house and finally going home.