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Carol of the Zombie Jesus!

Tomorrow has been a long time in coming.

In spring of 2005, one semester after I did, Colin started attending JWCC. There was always the underlying knowledge that it's "just" a community college, but that was usually overshadowed by the fact that nobody else in his family managed to attain a degree - all of them either avoided attending college, or, more often than not, dropped out before graduation. We have gone through a lot with this ordeal: monetary problems, attaining loans we'll never be able to pay back, long hours and late nights, unbelievable stress, and a lot of problems revolving around confusion as to how many classes were left and what they were. But tomorrow, all of that comes to a head. All of it is proven worthwhile.

He almost didn't get that assinine portfolio done, nearly didn't get to walk (he missed the signup for the ceremony and cap/gown ordering by five months). We almost didn't have the money for his cap and gown. We may not be able to have a fancy celebration.

But tomorrow?

Tomorrow, Colin graduates from college.

I could make a bunch of bullshit excuses about how it's "just" an associate in science, that it isn't a real finalized four-year degree, that while it's nice and all, it doesn't really show much to a company. The thing is that I can't bring myself to actually say any of that because I don't feel it. I'm proud of him, that's what I am - so incredibly proud that I'm nearly bursting. I get to watch him walk, and more importantly, he's done with this leg of his journey. There nearly aren't words for the pride I have in him, and I know that tomorrow, when he walks across that stage, I am going to cheer. I will cheer, scream, and cry. Because my husband? Yeah. He got his degree. He graduated from college.