Believe in the Flowers.

Carol of the Zombie Jesus!

So today is Mother's Day, and I'm sitting alone out in the living room in front of my computer eating reheated home-made cheese taquitos. Or however it's spelled. I'm alone because Col has chosen to lay down with the small screaming angry thing and try to get him to nap again, as he still seems exhausted.

Today started with a wakeup call of whining around 7 AM, though everyone managed to stay in bed until probably quarter 'till 8. At that point, I got up to pee and Col changed a diaper. When I came back to bed, there was a lot of roughhousing with Gabe, and the end result was Col getting up with him and telling me to go back to sleep. Mind you, it was a reluctant process, and although it's Mother's Day, a day I should get to sleep in, I offered to get up with the angry one. Col refused and grudgingly trudged out of the bedroom. So I went back to sleep.

I got up maybe a couple of minutes after noon, the longest I've slept in years. Gabe woke up with me after taking an hour nap, though he was still obviously exhausted, and when Colin came in, I told him such. I was informed in a rather lackluster manner that there was lunch in the microwave for me, and with that, Col laid down and I left the room. He's still out here, and I'm eating reheated whatever-the-hell-these-are.

I feel gipped somehow, since I guess - silly me - I thought that Colin would be willing to give me a day off, as I fully intend to do for him soon (not just on Father's Day, but then too). I know I'm not getting any physical gifts or anything, and I honestly don't expect him to do anything else for me all day, but apparently even asking for this one thing was too much. He's angry and bitter now and only barely managing to contain his frustration. Mind, I do understand that it's possible to have a bad day. But I guess I kind of expected all that dorky stuff they show in those commercials - breakfast in bed, a card (hand-made is great), hugs and kisses, whatever. Oh, wait. He rubbed my feet for me on Friday (and called it my Mother's Day gift after I jokingly asked him if that's what he was giving me).

I think that next year I'm boycotting this day and just telling him to never mind it. It isn't worth it.