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All right, so I'm darning someone I hardly know. But still. She posted some questions on her blog, and now I'm forced to copy and paste the questions onto mine, because I can't help myself and it's late, and I'm in a sort of odd mood that's better left to be described later, after some sleep and thought. Therefore, I present to you, my not-so-faithful readers... ESTHER'S QUESTIONS!

What is...
• 1 - What is something you dislike about yourself?
• 2 - What is something you do well?
• 3 - What is your favourite room in your home and why?
• 4 - What is a good neighbour?
• 5 - What is the worst thing parents can do to their children?
• 6 - What is your favourite time of day?
• 7 - What is your idea of a dull evening?

My answers:

1) I have no gray area. I am a creature of extremes, both good and bad, and it's tough for me to acknowledge the existence of anything other than what I see. I will almost always gravitate toward the option that will end in being a self-defeating irritation if at all possible, especially when I'm already depressed. This is a fault that I'm obviously aware of, and working on to the best of my abilities.
2) I'd like to think that I'm a good roleplayer, as stupid as that sounds. I could say listener, or that I'm good at giving advice (this is when you nod and smile slowly like you think I'm right), but all that comes up in my head for an answer is something that, predictibly enough, involves game. I think I roleplay well because my imagination is immense and often uncontrollable, so I might as well put it to good use with something, right?
3) This is a kind of difficult question to answer because I can answer it for three different places. For the apartment on Broadway my answer has to be the bedroom, and not for any weird/kinky reasons. Just because the windows are overlooking Broadway, it's comfy, and I can lay down there and think - not because it's especially tidy or well-decorated or anything (it isn't). For Mom's house, which is where we're currently staying, I'd have to say my favorite room is a tie between the kitchen and the front room. I say this because the kitchen's always bright and there is FOOD HERE, and the living room because it's where we're currently sleeping, and also where the TV is. These make the living room acceptable. As for the new apartment on 12th, I have no idea yet. It's tough to tell which will be my favorite room, but I can't wait to find out.
4) A good neighbor is someone that actually goes out of their way to be a neighbor and not just a random stranger that shares a building or block with you (ie our neighbors at Broadway). The people all around Mom's house are neighbors, people that I have more or less known my entire life (with the exception of a few that have moved here and there). I know them by name, they've known me since either I was a baby, or since I was six or so, and have known my mom too - and sometimes even my grandparents from when this was still THEIR house. I can go over there if need be, I know their names, and when we're all outside we stop to talk to one another, or at least wave and say hi. We're interested in each other's well-being, not because it's just the right thing to do but because we actually all know each other and feel a bond as neighbors that makes us want to watch out for one another.
5) This is a tough question to answer and I'm not really sure I can answer it once over and be satisified, but I'll try. I think that ONE of the worst things that parents can do to their children is to raise their children the exact opposite of the way they want their children to live later on. A first impression is everything, and if a parent teaches their child to be irresponsible and manage money badly from the get go, then that's all that poor kid is going to know, and chances are that parent is going to pass down their fiscal irresponsibility, and end up with a child who won't be able to take care of their parents in their old age any better than he can take care of himself.
6) I'm an afternoon/evening person, even though I stay up late - or would if I were able. Anymore, late is midnight, and that's pushing it. Anyway. I like the afternoon, because you know you still have a lot of day left but it isn't incredibly early with ALL of the day ahead of you still. Evening's just nice because you know that the day's almost over and you've gotten a lot done, but you still have a bit of time left to tie up loose ends and maybe enjoy yourself.
7) A dull evening? Easy. One where I sit around all night, not because there isn't anything to do, but because there's nothing that I WANT to do. That's always rough. It's tough to remind myself when I'm in a funk of not really wanting to do anything that I'm bored because of my own inability to decide what I want to do. Anymore, though, it has worked out in that the evening tends to end before I figure out what's wrong, and I get to go to sleep!

All right, so that's all. I shall ramble more later, when I know (at least a little better) what's going on in my head. Thank you, Esther!