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Carol of the Zombie Jesus!

I was kind of hoping that when I spoke to the gentleman who is doing the hiring for the position I want that after the phone interview he would say something akin to, "Hey, you know what, forget the other guy I was talking to. I want to hire YOU." Granted, it was nice to hear him say that I was the frontrunner out of his options and he thought I had answered all of his questions correctly and oh, yeah, he liked my personality too and thought I was bubbly (was he talking to me when he came to that conclusion?) but it wasn't the exact thing I was hoping to hear. I realize that I can't make his decisions for him, but I did my best to answer as honestly as I could, while still keeping in mind the stereotypical answers that every hiring company wants to hear from its potential employees. I won't lie and say that I'm not worried about whether or not I'll get this job - I'm not that cocky - but I'd like to think I have some kind of a chance. Supposedly I'll find out tomorrow whether or not he has chosen me. Cross your fingers for me, will ya?

The water is still rising here. Alicia called me the other day in a panic, worried by my sandbagging post that the water had risen far enough to start affecting a good portion of the city, so let me clarify: the majority of Quincy is up on a bluff, giving the advantage of several stories worth of space between the river and the city. There ARE businesses and parks down by the river that have been flooded out, and our incoming bridge (Quincy Memorial bridge) has been closed down, so Bayview (usually outgoing only) is now two lanes, one way each. Also, our water treatment center is down there, and though they're sandbagging it and trying to prevent the water from getting up to it, we've been put under a water warning and people are preparing for the treatment center go to under. If it does, we can't use tapwater anymore, so we're stocking up on bottled water, and putting aside containers of tap water so that we have something to wash clothes in, just in case. As of right now, there are supposedly no actual warnings out about the water and the city doesn't anticipate the water treatment plant being shut down, but then again, they were still saying that the Memorial Bridge wouldn't be shut down up until the evening before, at which point they were STILL labeling that as a mere rumor. 7 AM the next day, they decided that yeah, uh, the bridge was closing. Because nobody saw that one coming.

It appears that I'm boring, and thus, I've nothing else. Hmm.