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Carol of the Zombie Jesus!

The news world has lost a great man.

Earlier today, newsanchor and longtime mediator of Meet The Press on NBC, Tim Russert, collapsed in his office at the Washington DC bureau and was pronounced dead despite the efforts of EMS and other officials. Tim Russert had worked for NBC for over two decades and was a dedicated family man, a loving father and husband, and a talented journalist who has overseen a great deal of election coverage during his many years of service to the media and to the world.

My deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends.

In other news, today we let Esy know that we're moving. He didn't sound happy, but hey, we haven't been happy at our apartment either. It is in dire need of cleaning, and to be honest I'm sort of upset that there's game tonight, only because so much still has to be done and it's going to get put off yet another day. I suppose there isn't much I can do about that, and I know that Colin's desperate to get out and do things with other people.

I'm also very, very sore from sandbagging yesterday. And sunburned. But it was well worth it. The river is going to crest at levels mere feet below the 1993 river crests that destroyed so many homes in so many states. Des Moines, Iowa, is being evacuated because the city is flooding. The last time this happened, I was seven, and the most I remember is watching on TV as the Ayerco gas station across the river in West Quincy exploded in a fiery ball of ominous black smoke. So the question becomes, what will happen this time? What if the levees break again, or if someone does something stupid and breaks it on their own? It doesn't affect the majority of Quincy, thanks to the fact that we're up on the bluffs and thus the river would have to rise some two or three extra stories in order to affect the city itself. But there are all sorts of buildings and parks that are off the bluffs that will flood, and have flooded already. Sigh.