Believe in the Flowers.

Carol of the Zombie Jesus!

Dinner is always difficult for us. Dooce's post today - well, the first one from today - has reminded me of how finicky children are sometimes. Take Gabe for instance (proof that I understand a bit of how Leta acts): this child will eat macaroni and cheese, and that is IT. Mind you, there are ways around this. For instance, chicken nuggets are okay, but only if accompanied by mac and cheese. He won't eat my homemade salmon patties alone, but if I cut them up and put them in a cup of Easy Mac - I love that stuff, one serving in an easily-disposed cup! - he'll eat them, to a degree. Ice cream is also acceptable, thankfully without macaroni, because otherwise I think he would never get ice cream. I am not making chocolate macaroni. Ever.

We've been here at my mother's house for five days now, and will probably still be here tonight and tomorrow. The heat wave has given up but only for today, so even if we did get to go home, it would only be for tonight since Colin's at work right now. Tomorrow is going to be well into the 80s whether or not we like it, so we would be heading back this way. I've been waiting for a call about the apartment we looked at and any potential jobs, and haven't gotten anything yet. It's more than a little disappointing, but I understand that what will happen, will happen. Hopefully I'll continue to have the necessary patience to wait this through. My assumption is that I'm not getting either of the jobs I was waiting for, and that we won't be getting the apartment either. It makes me feel kind of sick.