Believe in the Flowers.

Carol of the Zombie Jesus!

I'm currently in the midst of panicking.

I'd like to think that it's actually rational this time, considering what all of the major networks are saying about the severe weather we're supposed to get tomorrow. I've gone through all the rationalizing techniques I know, while keeping in mind that I am Completely Crazy and thus will not listen to logic right now. I'm obsessively watching maps and staring at the Weather Channel (even though they typically prefer to predict Death Snow than something actually possible), and of course scouring over everything NOAA has to offer, because obviously if I continue obsessively reloading maps of the weather southwest of here right now, I will be made privvy to anything and everything that will be happening tomorrow, without fail, completely accurately.

Yes, I realize it's completely irrational, thank you. But the continual usage of the words "large tornado outbreak" have me more than a little jumpy.

A commercial that was on just now for some kind of combined insurance company has informed me that if an older gentleman who is well-dressed and happens to be carrying a gigantic red umbrella with him stops by to help me in a time of need, I should obviously accept, because he will give me a ride on his huge umbrella and it will be fun.

Anyway. Back to something that makes less sense.

So yeah, I'm going nuts right now. I really don't want to be this bothered, especially since I'm actually starting to feel a little sick to my stomach. I'd even go as far as saying I'm nauseated by this entire ordeal. But it won't stop until Friday comes and I can get up in the morning and know that everything's fine, nothing horrible happened, and everybody's just fine. Which is exactly what will happen, so help me God. Probably doesn't help, of course, that I'm not a religious person and this is the only time of the year that I tend to find Jesus.

Col has to work tomorrow night. Haven't decided yet if I'll be cowering at Mom's house and panicking while she just gives me that insists that I am nuts. Then I'll be informed that I'm overreacting, I mean, honestly, why are you crying? There's nothing to go on about. It's just a thunderstorm. Because belittling my paranoias will totally make me just snap out of it.

May call Sessa and see what she's doing tomorrow afternoon/evening. I might go cower in terror with her, since she at least pretends to be as frightened as I am. Probably only for my sake, but I really do appreciate it. She's the only one that bothers to act like she's terrified, too, so I don't feel quite so irrational about everything.

I'll probably post tomorrow morning about how the predictions have only gotten worse and the forecast is horrible and what will I do?!