Believe in the Flowers.

Carol of the Zombie Jesus!

The cell phones were disconnected today.

Their reasoning was some crap about nonpayment of a bill and late fees. I think they're absolutely insane. So I went and paid them $200 that we didn't have, and it still wasn't enough - so until Tuesday, no cell phones.

Gabe is grouchy again today. He's still dealing with a runny nose and a want to touch absolutely everything, even if I've said no twenty times and take away whatever he's playing with. He would have the world think that he's being tortured and beaten if he had his way, judging from the way he screams in retaliation. I know he doesn't feel well, but this is so irritating. Yet another facet of parenthood that they don't bother to tell you about before you start bringing these evil things into the world.

The weather has been cloudy, cold, and rainy all day. Down south in St. Louis it's nearly 70; here, it hasn't even hit 50 today. The severe weather we were supposed to get today has been pushed farther south and to tomorrow. No skin off my back. I could do without it. Although there were a couple of rumbles of thunder this morning...

So now our checking account is under again, we still owe rent and the car payment, and never mind the phone bill and the cell phones. At least we have enough for groceries, and there isn't anything else we're in dire need of.

Stuck at Mom's again this evening while Col's at work. Her leaky roof (and thus leaky ceiling) must be dealt with by laying out rags on the floor and constantly changing them out. Guess who's stuck doing it.

Hope the weather's better wherever you are.