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Carol of the Zombie Jesus!

Today started early.

Gabe woke up just after 7 AM and decided that he was done being asleep. Thankfully we coerced him into staying in bed until 7:22, at which point he decided he had had enough and was unable to resist trying to throw himself over both of our limp bodies to an inevitable doom somewhere on the floor below. As such, I conceded and got up with him, though not after a short 'n' sweet guilt session aimed toward Col because at 3:30 AM I rolled over and looked at the clock, then realized that a certain someone still hadn't bothered to come to bed. I can't begin to tell you how much that irritates me, because I swear he does it to piss me off and avoid getting up with Gabe.

So I fed Gabe some oatmeal and a bottle (thank god we're weaning him off of it) and he seemed a little content, though he was understandably ticked that said oatmeal was a little thick this morning. It was an off brand and I guess I didn't add enough milk, but he ate it anyway, nearly a whole package, and choked it down - though not without purposely combing some through his hair first. I had oatmeal too. Wasn't half bad, though I suppose whatever health benefits it had were canceled out by the Mountain Dew I also had. So much for giving up soda.

It is also raining again today. Supposedly there's this whole severe weather risk thing going on, but it's supposed to be cooler and cloudy most of the day, so my assumption is that any bad weather that does dare come will at least not be tornadic, and that's really all I ask. Thus far we've been able to keep the windows open, and the cool last night was enough to turn down the heat in the apartment. Sadly, it's still really humid, but at least it isn't an oven anymore.

So today I have to send Col out to J-Dub to get his graduation papers and hopefully get them filled out and returned before he has to work this evening. I'm not giving him any leeway on this, since they're due tomorrow (to the best of my knowledge) and if he wants to walk next month, they need to be done. No more excuses. One of us needs to graduate from college, even if it's a community college with a two-year associates' degree. And never mind that it took at least four years for either of us to get anything.

So I speed-cleaned last night in preparation for the meeting that happened with only Clara, Bobb, Madelyn, and Madelyn's daughter (who is three months old) in attendance. Clara and Bobb don't get along well at all, and their personalities clash. They're admittedly both very stubborn, set-in-their-ways people, and they ended up facing off several times - though I was proud of Clara for not making the snarky under her breath remarks that Bobb was making. I don't know why he's so convinced that he has to fight to get his point across, though Col pointed out that it's probably an inferiority complex that he doesn't know how to deal with. I hate people like that, though, because he's convinced that everything he says is totally right and the god-given truth, and anyone who doesn't believe him or like his ideas is some sort of idiot and obviously wrong. He has often tried to tell Col and I what to do with ourselves, our home (apartment), and our son - with no regard toward what we think we should be doing with any of the above. It's one of those things that's going to be difficult to deal with, and while I realize that personality clashes are inevitable, I'd rather keep them to a minimum if possible.

In other news, Gabe is walking! He only takes maybe four or five steps at any one time, but he's gaining a lot of confidence while cruising and is less hesitant to take those few steps. He still falls over, though, and I can only assume that's because he still doesn't quite have the balance to continue through, but the fact that he's walking at all is a huge improvement for me.


Oh I get SO annoyed that for whatever reason it's just assumed I'm going to get up with the kids in the morning. Pat has done the same thing, stayed up late and then is worthless the next day. And I lay on the guilt trip too. All. Day. Long. ;)

Congrats on the little walker!!