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Carol of the Zombie Jesus!

First, I HAVE A READER! I can't prove that she's sticking around, but it was good to know that someone is listening to my pointless rambling.


Yesterday was my 22nd birthday.

We celebrated it by not doing anything. Mind you, that isn't what I wanted to do, but it's what money allowed. The day was fairly lazy; started with a thunderstorm and ended with the apartment way too hot. I suppose it's what we get for living on the third floor with no windows in the living room and only two windows that happen to be right next to each other in every other room. There's never much of a breeze up here, and when it's actually nice outside it isn't so bad - but in the warmer weather it's horrible. We discussed turning on the air conditioning, but realized it really wasn't worth bothering. That really ticked off Gabe, and we did our best to keep him cool. Today is supposed to be even warmer, and if need be, I'll turn on the air - I just don't want to, knowing how much it will cost.

Later that evening, after the J-dub choir crew finished their concert, they all went out to Village Inn - and thank God that Clara called me to let me know they were going, just like she said she would. By that time, Gabe was already at my mother's house, so all we had to do was hop over that way. We got to see a lot of people - Chaz, J Ray, Clara of course, Esther, and a couple of other people that I know but whose names I have unfortunately forgotten. Met a couple of new people, too, all of whom were incredibly nice and sweet - and one of whom was a DM like Col is, a nice kid named Alex. They talked a little game and I snapped a few pictures, because that kid seriously looks like Daniel Radcliffe and it was hot. Granted, of course, he doesn't look like it in any of my pictures, which was disappointing.

We also found a check in the mail last night from Col's parents. They sent me $50 for my birthday, which was more awesome than I could imagine. It was great of them, it really was, and while Col and I were planning to use it to take me out to dinner to celebrate my birthday late, it turns out we've other more important things to spend it on (like cat food and groceries), so my dinner out will have to wait an undisclosed length of time. On one hand, I'm disappointed - on the other, I'm resigned to the fate that my birthday will remain largely uncelebrated.

On the plus side, I got good sex out of all of it! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to keep Gabe from spilling his veggie crackers all over the floor. Although with any luck he'll just keep playing with the box...


Happy birthday! Did my 50 bucks get lost in the mail?? Shoot...I hate it when that happens. Try to enjoy yourself anyways...though it sounds like you certainly did! ;)

oh yeah and this is an elephant ear.¤t=elephantear.jpg

I hope that works...