Believe in the Flowers.

Carol of the Zombie Jesus!

Today the in-laws left.

Col and I are both a bit sad and doing what we can to pretend otherwise. I love it when his parents (E & C) come to see us, because when we're here the world's a little brighter. They're both nearing 60, with three other grandkids back up northeast where they live. The three day drive must be difficult on them, but they manage quite happily to come down and go back once a year, or so - though it's never often enough. They're great people in a lot of ways, though I know that Col had his fill of them while living with them. And I've seen why - I know I haven't seen them at their worst, but I've seen them pretty bad. I've heard his complaints, too.

I think it was hardest on E. She hates the idea that one of her grandkids and both of her sons are down here. I don't blame her, even though I'm not really sure what it feels like. I'm sure Col has an idea, since he's the one who moved here, away from the entire rest of his family, to be with me. But me? Eh, I suppose in that sense I'm quite the inexperienced child.

So now? No more full days. We have no more plans, no more guarantees of having something to do, no matter what it is. No more pool and swimming (which will probably irritate us more than Gabe). No more fun people to actually interact with. God forbid, a social life!

We're going to try to organize more group activities. Hopefully we can go back to being the family that we pretended to be so very well while E & C were here.

Today was absolutely beautiful, too. It was the warmest that it has been this year (70 or thereabouts) and the sky was blue with fluffy white clouds almost all day. Yesterday was our first anniversary, and after leaving Gabe with E & C at Bobb's with the rest of the crew, we went out to a local restaurant that I've never been to before. The food was great and even reasonably priced, the service was awesome, and I wasn't carded for my drink (and to think I haven't been carded yet). We decided to keep it a "special place" that we could go to when we wanted to celebrate something. A pity we won't get to go often, but at least we know it's an option. I look forward to going again.

So today we hooked up with J & M after I went to Mom's and did a little laundry. Now we're all sitting around, eating pizza, dealing with a grouchy baby.